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Honored Academic Symphonic Orchestra of National Radio Company of Ukraine was founded in 1929.

This well-known Ukrainian Orchestra has created unique collection of records for 70 years history of its existence. The collection presents "Gold Fund" of cultural and spiritual heritage of Ukrainian people. It consists of world symphonic music pearls: I.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart, L.v.Beethoven, J.Brahms, A.Dvorzhak, Y.Sibelius, P.I.Tchaikovsky, S.Rachmaninov, S.Prokofiev, D.Shostakovich, B.Lyatoshinsky, E.Stankovich.

Orchestra has been a real laboratory for many generations of gifted performers, singers, and composers. Such distinguished conductors as G.Adler, P.Polyakov, N.Rakchlin, K.Simeonov, A.Klimov, N.Kolessa, V.Tolba, S.Turchak, V.Gnedash, V.Serenko worked in this Orchestra. Well-known musician and conductor, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vyacheslav Blinov leads Orchestra now.

Prominent performers N.Petrov, N.Suk, V.Krainev, O.Krisa, I.Oistrach, V.Milova, A.Gorochova, B.Kotorovich, M.Cuarta (Italy), M.Tchaikovskaya, I.Patorzhinsky, B.Gmirya, A.Solovyanenko, B.Rudenko, Y.Gulyaev, Eu.Miroshnichenko successfully worked with Orchestra.

Honored Academic Symphonic Orchestra of National Radio Company of Ukraine maintains a close partnership with leading Ukrainian, French, Italian, Spanish choirs.

Orchestra played music to many movies, documentary films, scientific and TV films.

Creative link and cooperation of Orchestra with talented Ukrainian and foreign composers helped to develop modern national composer school and Gave birth to new trends in developing Ukrainian music. Orchestra has been first to perform music of many Ukrainian and foreign composers.

Orchestra successfully played on tour in many countries of Europe and Asia-France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Korea, Poland.

Ukrainian and foreign media highly appreciate professional level of Orchestra.

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