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Rambler's Top100
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Rambler's Top100

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1. W.A.Mozart Symphony N 41, "Jupiter", "Requiem", concert for violin N 4.
2. H.Berlioz Symphony "Fantastic".
3. G.Rossini "Stabat mater", "Overtures", "Wilhelm Tel", "An Italian in Algeria".
4. S.Rachmaninov Symphonic poem "Utiuos", "Island and Dead", Concerts N 2,3.
5. I.Straus Waltzes, Polkas, Marches.
6. J.Brams Symphony N 2,4.
7. R.Straus Symphony poem "Till Ulenshpigel".
8. E.Lalo Concert for cello and orchestra. Spanish symphony for violin and orchestra.
9. P.Tchaikovsky Symphony N 1. Ballet music.
10. L.v.Beethoven Concert for violin, cello, piano and orchestra.
11. A.Dvorzhak Symphonies N 4, 7, 9. "Slavonic dances".
12. F.Liszt Symphony "Dante. Divine comedy".
13. K.Debussy Nocturnes - "Clouds", "Festivals", "Sirens".
14. L.v.Beethoven Symphony N 5.
15. N.R-Korsakov Overture. "Light festival".
16. W.A.Mozart Concert for 2 pianos.
17. A.Glazunov Concert for violin and orchestra.
18. Y.Sibelius Symphony N 1, e-moll "Sad waltz".
19. V.Kalinnikov Symphony N 1 e-moll.
20. Albinoni Concert for trumpet and orchestra.
21. Mendelssohn "Summer night's dream".
22. I.Haidn Concert for trumpet.
23. K.Weber Invitation for dance.
24. R.Vagner "Letuchy Gollandets".
25. O.Nicolai "Vendor mischievous women".
26. K.Saint-Sans Symphony poem "Phaeton".

Scenes and arias from operas composed by Meierber, Rossini, Gounod, Mozart, Verdi, Bellini, Donitsetti, Saint-Sans, Puccini, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Lysenko etc.

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